Where Is Your Money Going?

Where Is Your Money Going?

I have become more concerned lately with where my money is going. Who is benefiting from the money that God has blessed my family with? When I purchase an item, or invest in a company, is the Kingdom being advanced?

As Christians, I believe this HAS to be important to us. For too long, many believers have looked at the cheapest price, or the safest long term investments as the main factors when dealing with money.

We are to be stewards of GODS money while on this earth. This is the truth.
“’The silver is mine and the gold is mine,’ declares the Lord Almighty” Haggai 2:8

Since the money is not ours, then we should use it in a way that glorifies God.

Here are some ways that we can be better users of Gods resources:

• Buy locally. If you purchase from a local retailer, getting to know what the owner stands for is not difficult.

• When making a purchase of a more expensive item (like a car), take the time to research what that company supports, and stands for. Look into how they treat their employees.

• When investing, research the companies your money is supporting. With more and more investments overseas, this is very important.

• Invest locally. See buy locally.

• Support Christian businesses. If you have a choice, choose the business owned by a Christian. If someone in your church is starting a new business, why not invest in that instead of some number on the NYSE? There is more “risk” from an investment standpoint, but when God is involved, there is no risk.

• GIVE MORE! This is the most important thing. Give out of the abundance that God has blessed you with, and watch what He does with it. I have NEVER heard anyone say “I decided to give more money to God, and he let me down. I was not blessed and I regret giving it.”

Don’t be a lazy Christian. Be diligent. Ask the Lord today, “Show me where to spend, where to invest, and where to give. I trust you to lead me.”

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